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Dr. Robert Gallo

“Since our lab co-discovered HIV as the cause of AIDS and developed the HIV blood test, I have strongly believed mankind will best be served if the world’s leading virologists are organized and better-equipped to deal with new and existing viral threats. ”

Robert C. Gallo, MD

Co-Founder & Scientific Director, GVN

The Homer and Martha Gudelsky Distinguished Professor in Medicine

Co-Founder & Director, Institute of Human Virology at the  University of Maryland School of Medicine

Dr. Christian Bréchot

“I am very proud to be President of the Global Virus Network. This large network offers a unique opportunity to gather the best scientists worldwide and reinforce the fight against the threat of viral infections and epidemics, collaborating with the national and international institutions which are at stake.”

Christian Bréchot, MD, PHD


Global Virus Network (GVN)



45 Centers of Excellence
7 Affiliated Institutions
in 29 Countries

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