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Types of Memberships

Thank you for your interest in joining the Global Virus Network. There are several membership options, whether as an academic virologist, corporate partner,  other partner institution, as well as opportunities for individual and student members. Please review the types of memberships below and be in touch if you would like to join the GVN.

If you are interested in an individual membership—whether as formal virology student or practicing virologist—you may also get involved in our Virus Task Forces and Watch Groups, as well as participate in the unique opportunities to connect and collaborate with peers via the GVN Intranet (acceptance into the intranet is subject to application approval by the GVN).

Finally, virology students at all levels, please be sure to review our training and education opportunities. It is part of GVN's mission to help train the next generation of virology leaders, and we look forward to your participation in the GVN's activities.

Academic Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence conduct research in medical virology. The work is dedicated to understanding, preventing, and eradicating viral disease threats. Centers of Excellence also participate in programs that coordinate, support, and promote research that bridges the gap between virus surveillance and public health implementation.

Criteria to become an Academic Center of Excellence 

  • The Director is a noted medical virologist.
  • The center is currently productive, and has deep expertise in 2-3 viral areas.
  • The center is committed to capacity building, especially in resource-poor nations.
  • There is commitment to work to support GVN’s central operation through inclusion on grant and contract applications, fundraising events, direct donations or other means.

If you are interested in joining the GVN Centers of Excellence/Affiliates, please contact Dr. Maggie L. Bartlett, Program Director.

Academic Affiliates

Affiliates are research institutions that are working to grow their expertise in virology. These institutions may have limited expertise in virology, or have deep expertise in one or more subspecialties of virology but are not yet at the level of a GVN Center of Excellence.

Whatever the level of expertise, Affiliate members are paired or "twinned" with a GVN Center of Excellence as a partner-mentor.

If you are interested in joining the GVN Centers of Excellence/Affiliates, please contact Dr. Maggie L. Bartlett, Program Director.

Academic Regional Headquarters

The overall mission of a Regional Headquarters is to collaborate with GVN's global headquarters. Regional Headquarters provide organizational support and leadership among GVN members to strengthen basic and translational research in virology, as well as improve preparedness for—and response to—viral threats.


  • Be an ambassador of GVN in the region, promoting and supporting GVN’s mission and goals
  • Offer administrative and financial support for the regional office's operation
  • Support and promote research in virology, advocating for public health in the region
  • Support training and mentoring the next generation of regional and global leaders in virology and infectious diseases
  • Build capacity in the region through educational and training programs

Additional Benefits

  • Enhanced authority, leadership and visibility in virology at regional, national and international levels
  • Additional access to GVN resources and full network for collaborating with academic and industrial partners
  • Access to all GVN meetings, conferences, Task forces, and Working groups.
  • Preference for collaboration and interaction with internationally renowned virologists
  • Additional access to opportunities for interdisciplinary research projects, such as through grant applications submitted to federal agencies and foundations
  • Top-priority assistance and advice for interventional strategies to mitigate outbreaks of infectious diseases in the region

If you are already an Academic Center of Excellence and interested in becoming a Regional Headquarters, please contact Linman Li, Vice President of Operations and Partnerships.

Corporate Partners

The business community is an integral partner in stemming the spread of viral diseases worldwide. Viral outbreaks, such as SARS-CoV-2 / COVID19, know no boundaries and spread rapidly beyond national borders. Such outbreaks are accompanied by panic, uncertainty, and losses to workforces, productivity and revenue streams. Multinational corporations and businesses with international interests are vital partners in preparations against current and future potential pandemics and in stopping the spread of viruses.

The main goal of corporate partnerships—formally known as the GVN Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Centers of Excellence Coalition—is to link the business community with leading medical virologists, support cutting edge viral research, drug and vaccine development and training activities, increase awareness of medical virology issues and serve as a platform for partnerships to strengthen international viral preparedness and response.

This mutually beneficial partnership between the GVN and corporate partners includes:

  • Research Collaboration
  • Training Future Virologists
  • Gaining Strategic Partners
  • Improving Visibility and Impact
  • Access to GVN meetings.
  • Outbreak Notification, Evaluation & Response Briefings

If you are interested in joining the coalition, please contact Andrea Ridenour, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.

Institutional Partners

Institutional partners are engaged in activities that are complementary to the work of the GVN. Whether working directly in medical virology or on public health matters, coordinating with non-governmental or intergovernmental organizations, or involved in forging new alliances to improve preparedness and response to viral threats, the GVN seeks partnerships that are mutually beneficial to advancing the missions of both organizations.

If you are interested in joining the GVN as an institutional partner, please contact Linman Li, Vice President of Operations and Partnerships.