Viruses Spread Rapidly in Crowded Places

Flu Victims from 1918

There were not enough hospital beds

Mosquitoes Carry Viruses

The Chikungunya Virus is spread from person to person by Mosquitoes

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GVN Statement on the Spread of Chikungunya

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Statement from the Global Virus Network This week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Florida Department of Health reported locally-acquired cases of chikungunya virus infection in…

HIV/AIDS Researchers and Activists Die in Malaysian Plane Crash

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The Global Virus Network mourns the tragic loss of those on flight MH17, including the reported more than 100 HIV/AIDS researchers and activists, en route to the 20th International AIDS…

Chikungunya Task Force

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Leading Virologists Join Together to Address Urgent Viral Threat World Health Day 2014 Shines Spotlight on Mosquito-borne Viral Diseases Baltimore, MD — Causing victims to suffer severe fever and pain,…

Check out what’s new at the Global Virus Network

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Check out what’s new at the Global Virus Network Just posted:  latest issue of the GVN Newsletter, Virion.  Learn about the Chikungunya Task Force, updates on the Ebola research, and…

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