Short Course Alumni Database

Short Course Alumni Database

Training the next generation of medical virologists is the core of the GVN Mission.

The GVN Short Course (SC) has been offered each summer since 2013. The latest course is scheduled for August 13-19, 2017. The SC is held in Baltimore for participants holding PhD, MD, DVM degrees, and for PhD candidates and MSc technical staff. So far, 40 people have been attended the annual SC.

The annual SC attracts an international cast. Participants have been from the Americas (Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Brazil), Africa (Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon, South Africa), Europe (Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia), Asia (India, Malaysia, China, Japan), and Israel and Australia.

Each year, during the evaluation of the Course, the participants vote for one of their class members as the “next emerging leader in medical virology”. That person is selected based on their leadership and expertise, and is asked to attend the next year’s SC as a Speaker.

At the GVN, we believe the SC alumni network can be an important venue for fostering scientific collaborations and encouraging the next generation of leaders in medical virology.

“…one of the most enriching experiences for my career. Besides of the astonishing scientific presentations, the intercultural experience was amazing!!!”

“The GVN Short Course packed a memorable week of science across fields into their course.  It was an experience I won’t forget; it took us from the White House to the epicenter of the NIH infrastructure, to the doorstep of Robert Gallo and the network that he has built to educate young scientists around the world.”