Online Course on Microbiomes and their Impact on Viral Infections

Online Course on Microbiomes and their Impact on Viral Infections

The study of the microbiome is one of the most promising scientific and medical revolutions in recent times. It is now clear that changes in the microbiome composition (referred to as dysbiosis) are major drivers to several human diseases and public health threats. In particular, there is now solid evidence that the microbiome is very important to the evolution of viral infections, including the novel coronavirus causing Covid-19. In fact, the number of medical disorders potentially associated with microbiome imbalance is constantly on the rise.

The Global Virus Network is partnering with The University of South Florida Initiative on Microbiomes to offer an Online Course on Microbiomes and their Impact on Viral Infections. Taught by world-renowned expert instructors, this non-credit course will provide you with the latest knowledge on the importance and role of the microbiome in preventing, mitigating and treating diseases.

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  • Industries – $1500
  • Academics – $800*
  • Students – $500*
  • Individuals from emerging countries – $100**

Please contact Aline P. C. Ribeiro Valle at [email protected] to learn how to apply the discount during the registration process.


  • Public health professionals
  • Medical professionals
  • Health, medical and science faculty
  • Health, medical and science students
  • Anyone interested in learning more about the Microbiome


  • Two sessions
  • Up to 8 weeks to complete
  • Self-paced, online format


  • Earn a certificate of completion.
  • Earn a Digital Badge to showcase knowledge and successful course completion on social media profiles, including LinkedIn.


  • Session 1 โ€“ Introduction to Microbiome, 11 modules
  • Session 2 โ€“ Symbiotic Evolutions in the Microbiome World, 9 modules


  • What are microbiomes?
  • How do you investigate microbiomes?
  • What is the impact of microbiomes on health?
  • Which are the interactions between microbiomes and viral infections?

Video Introduction from Dr. Christian Brechot, GVN President and Professor at the University of South Florida