Dr. Wern Hann Ng - April 30, 2024 - "The role of FHL1 in alphavirus replication and pathogenesis with implications for alphavirus vaccine design"



Wern Hann Ng, PhD

  • Emerging Viruses, Inflammation and Therapeutics Group,
    Global Virus Network Centre of Excellence in Arboviruses,
    Menzies Health Institute Queensland,
    Griffith University

Dr. Wern Hann Ng is a researcher at the Menzies Health Institute, situated at Griffith University's Gold Coast campus in Queensland, Australia. Dr. Ng's research focuses on investigating the roles of host factors, particularly MXRA8 and FHL1, in alphavirus diseases, aiming to elucidate their contributions to disease pathogenesis and potential therapeutic targets. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in a significant project centered on developing a Live Attenuated Vaccine (LAV) for SARS-CoV-2, conducting experiments to assess vaccine safety. Dr. Ng's commitment to advancing scientific understanding and addressing pressing public health challenges underscores his dedication to the field of virology.