GVN Regional Headquarters

GVN Regional Headquarters


The overall mission of a GVN Regional Headquarters office is to collaborate with the GVN global headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. A GVN Regional HQ provides organizational support and leadership to strengthen basic and translational research in virology, as well as preparedness and response to viral pandemic threats.


  • Acting as an “ambassador” of GVN in their respective region to promote and support GVN’s mission and goals
  • Offering administrative and financial support for the daily operation of the regional office
  • Supporting and promoting research in virology and advocating for public health in their regions
  • Supporting training and mentoring the next generation of regional and global leaders in virology and infectious diseases
  • Establishing capacity building for its region through educational and training programs


  • Enhancing its awareness, authority, leadership and visibility in virology at regional, national and international levels
  • Gaining access to GVN resources and network by collaborating with academic and industrial partners
  • Attending the GVN meetings (i.e., annual and regional conferences and meetings for GVN task forces)
  • Interacting and collaborating with internationally renowned virologists
  • Getting access to opportunities for interdisciplinary research projects through grant applications submitted to federal agencies and various foundations
  • Receiving assistance and advice for interventional strategies to mitigate the outbreaks of infectious diseases in their respective regions

For more information, please contact Linman Li, Vice President of the GVN, at [email protected].