GVN Corporate Partnership Program Overview

GVN Corporate Partnership Program Overview

About GVN Corporate Partnership Program

The business community is an integral partner in stemming the spread of viral diseases worldwide. Viral outbreaks, such as SARS-CoV-2 / COVID19, know no boundaries and spread rapidly beyond national borders, accompanied by panic, uncertainty, and losses to workforces, productivity and revenue streams. Multinational corporations and businesses with international interests are vital partners in preparations against current and future potential pandemics and in stopping the spread of viruses.

The main goal of the GVN Corporate Partnership Program is to link the business community with leading medical virologists, support cutting edge viral research, drug and vaccine development and training activities, increase awareness of medical virology issues and serve as a platform for partnerships to strengthen international viral preparedness and response.

As part of the GCPP, participating corporations will be incorporated as a “GVN Healthcare & Pharma Centers of Excellence Coalition” as part of the GCPP. This will allow access and cooperation with GVN Academic Centers of Excellence to the mutual benefit of the GVN and GVN Healthcare & Pharma Centers of Excellence Coalition.

This mutually beneficial partnership includes:

• Research Collaboration

• Training Future Virologists

• New Strategic Partners

• Visibility and Impact

If you are interested in joining the coalition, please contact Linman Li, Vice President of the GVN, at [email protected].