Now Hiring: Chief Executive Officer

We are excited to announce the search for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Global Virus Network (GVN) – a distinguished non-profit organization encompassing over 80 leading virology institutions across 40+ countries. The CEO will have the unique opportunity to harness and expand GVN's unparalleled capabilities, collaborating with academic, corporate, NGO, and governmental partners to combat viral threats to global health. Please review the position description and share it with anyone passionate about public health and committed to securing a biosafe future.


Position: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Global Virus Network (GVN)
Location: Tampa, Florida
Reporting Relationship: To the Board Chair
Website: https://www.gvn.org/


Founded in 2011, The Global Virus Network (GVN) is dedicated to understanding, preventing and eradicating viral diseases that pose a direct threat to humanity. Representing 80+ leading virology institutions in 40+ countries, the GVN is the catalyst for the creation of innovative programs designed to coordinate, support and promote research that bridges the gap between virus surveillance and public health implementation. Working with sites including Centers of Excellence (COE's), corporate partners, academic institutions, and both governmental and non-governmental organizations, the GVN seeks to improve global response to emerging viral threats, train future generations of virologists, and serve as a science driven non-partisan center of information concerning viral diseases.

GVN has a distinguished Board of Directors, Founders, Senior Advisors, Scientific Leadership Board, an experienced management team, and a timely vision and mission. The organization is poised to stand as the premier third party to further research across all aspects virology and find answers to viral epidemic threats we face today and for the world of tomorrow.

Following the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the GVN developed and is implementing a bold strategic plan designed to increase the global reach and impact of the network. The plan calls for increasing the number and diversity of our Centers of Excellence, formally partnering with US and global health agencies, and increasing our public education and policy impact. The CEO will be responsible for optimizing GVNs strategy and building on the early successes of the strategic plan.

In addition, the GVN recently announced the relocation of its global headquarters to the campus of the University of South Florida. At the same time, USF announced its recruitment of Dr. Robert Gallo (GVN co-founder and recipient of two Lasker Awards) to its faculty. Although GVN retains its independence as an organization, it is receiving generous operational and program support from USF and will be able to leverage and synergize with eight new virology positions to be recruited in USF’s new Institute for Virology.


The President is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who provides overall leadership for the GVN by working with the Board, and senior executive staff to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. The CEO motivates and inspires the staff, ensuring that the staff executes and adheres to the policies of the Board relating to the development, implementation and monitoring of all GVN external and internal activities. The CEO is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors and reports directly to the Board Chair. The CEO is responsible for maintaining and advancing the GVN’s culture and mission. The CEO is directly charged with facilitating, following, fulfilling and implementing the directives, mandates and priorities of the Board of Directors.


Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop and implement GVN’s strategic and business plan, financial plan, development and fundraising plan, and operating budget and establish accountability standards and systems that track GVN’s effectiveness and impact.
  • Ensure corporate governance, financial, management, operational and organizational establishment and compliance with best business and not-for-profit standards and practices.
  • Manage the day-to- day operations of GVN, manage and oversee all GVN staff, advisors and consultants, ensuring optimal and cost beneficial use of all resources and maintaining total business, corporate, organizational and operational integrity and transparency at all times.
  • Develop and maintain a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with USF leadership and staff and other collaborating entities and build collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders and groups in order to improve the visibility and impact of the GVN.
  • Serve as the primary contact and relationship manager with corporate partners, NGOs, and governmental agencies.
  • Develop and oversee the GVN’s organizational and staffing structure, identify and recruit appropriate and qualified staff to fulfill the mission
  • Be responsible for reporting to the Board metric- and evidence-based results obtained from GVN programs and projects.
  • Propose annual quantitative objectives to the Board.


The ideal CEO candidate will be an experienced and accomplished business leader with proven fundraising experience and importantly a passion for the mission of the GVN. The CEO will have the strategic vision to build on GVN’s rich foundation and evolve it into an organization with broader impact and scale as iterated in the GVN strategic plan. The successful candidate will have the following professional qualifications:

  • A minimum of 10 years demonstrated experience successfully building and managing a business or organization, growing revenue, strategic partnerships, working with a board of directors and managing financial condition of an organization transparently and effectively.
  • Significant experience with a for-profit or non-profit organization; ideally with experience working for an organization devoted to scientific research, scientific education, and advocacy
  • Proven success in developing strategic fundraising programs and growth initiatives. Highly developed business and public relations skills and the ability to increase fund raising from the public and private sectors.
  • Demonstrated experience developing and managing programs and services to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Strong general management, leadership and team building skills along with a solid record of accomplishment.
  • Dynamic, proactive, inclusive, open and decisive leader who will be a catalyst for positive change. An entrepreneurial planner and builder rather than a "steadystate" manager.
  • Ideally, has strong relationships with the virology/public health communities, including research scientists, public health professionals, non-profit groups, the biopharmaceutical industry, US government agencies, and global health agencies.
  • A working knowledge of virology is required
  • Previous experience working with and/or contracting with government agencies is preferred.
  • Strong business acumen, confidence, poise and executive presence.
  • Diplomatic leader with an innate ability to reach common ground and foster support without compromising GVN’s interests.
  • Effective communicator who can clearly articulate GVN’s message and inspire, influence and earn the respect of his/her internal and external stakeholders. Excellent oral and written communications skills and outstanding listening skills. Transparent but persuasive in all communications
  • Highly self-aware, energetic, and enthusiastic individual with impeccable integrity.
  • Strong credibility within the life science community (academia, business, government) in the fields of virology and pandemic preparedness. Solid personal and professional relationships with key opinion leaders in the oncology field.


The primary place of performance is the GVN International Headquarters, currently located on the campus of USF in Tampa, Florida. The CEO is expected to be on site in the GVN offices an appropriate number of days in order to effectively manage the organization.


Undergraduate degree required, advanced degree preferred, in science, medicine, and/or business.


  • Base Salary: The GVN shall pay the CEO a competitive annual base salary which shall be subject to periodic review and may be increased based on the CEO’s performance and/or the needs of the GVN.
  • Percent Effort: Full Time
  • Bonus. The CEO is eligible for an annual bonus based on performance.
  • Benefits. A competitive benefits package including medical insurance will be provided


Brett P. Giroir, MD
Executive Chair

[email protected]