Colombia Center of Excellence


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Colombia/Wisconsin One-Health Consortium, (CWOHC)

Carrera 87 N° 30
65 Medellin

Center Director: Dr. Jorge Osorio

Member Researchers: Dr. Bruce Christensen, Dr. David Schwartz

The CWOHC provides a unique opportunity for UW, Colombian, and international institutions to demonstrate leadership and have an impact in viral diseases affecting both human and animal health in Latin American countries. Professor Osorio is a global expert on the study of emerging viral diseases and has conducted field and laboratory studies on many emerging pathogens, including dengue, Zika, chikungunya, influenza, rabies, west Nile, enteroviruses, monkeypox among others. The Universidad Nacional (UN) is ranked among the best universities in the region and is committed to be among the best 100 institutions of higher education in the world. It has approximately 100,000 students, with 7 campuses located in different regions of the country. Added to the trajectory of quality and excellence of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and to the support for innovation and leadership given by the Ruta N Corporation, it is expected that, in this Consortium, generation of knowledge will be greatly promoted.