Argentina Center of Excellence


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Institute of Biotechnology & Molecular Biology (IBBM)

Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Calle 49 y 115
1900 La Plata

Center Director: Victor Romanowski

Member Researchers: Ricardo Gomez, Agustin E. Ure, Laura Perez-Vidakovics, Florencia Ferrer

The Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (IBBM) is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, fellows, and interns, whose focus is to address current and future challenges in scientific research. IBBM concentrates on microbe-host interactions, including viruses and bacteria pathogenic to humans, insects and plants. Symbiotic interactions are studied by a couple of groups. Officially founded in 1991, the research group has been a champion of molecular biological techniques. IBBM staff and fellows combine research with intense teaching activities and mentoring both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. IBBM is located at the National University of La Plata in Argentina. In 2007, the IBBM became part of the system of CONICET, The National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina.