Director, Professor Linfa Wang, PhD, Duke-NUS Medical School

The GVN Singapore Center of Excellence is led by Duke-NUS and is a composite of university, city, and country-wide researchers committed to monitoring, containing and treating major infectious diseases. Prof. Linfa Wang, Director of the GVN Singapore Center, continues the work of his predecessor, Professor Duane Gubler, who initiated the infectious diseases research program at Duke-NUS. Prof. Wang is a renowned expert of identifying emerging viral diseases of bat origin. He was instrumental in leading a three-nation five-institute team to successfully identify bats as the natural reservoir of SARS-like viruses in a One Health approach.

There are more than ten PIs in this GVN Center with expertise from outbreak response, pathogen discovery to diagnostics, pathogenesis and medical countermeasures. They conduct research on many different viruses, including MERS, Nipah, Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever, avian influenza, Chikungunya and enteroviruses.

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