GVN Academic Centers of Excellence & Affiliates

GVN Academic Centers of Excellence and Affiliates

About GVN Centers of Excellence

We represent Centers of Excellence for research in medical virology from across the globe. Our work is dedicated to understanding, preventing and eradicating viral disease threats to mankind. Today, we affirm the need for new programs to coordinate, support and promote research that bridges the gap between virus surveillance and public health implementation.

Criteria for a GVN Center of Excellence 

1) The Director is a noted medical virologist,
2) The center is currently productive, and has deep expertise in 2-3 viral areas, and
3) The center is committed to capacity building in weaker institutes especially in resource-poor nations.
4) There is commitment to work to support GVN’s central operation through inclusion on grant and contract applications, fundraising events, direct donations or other means.

About GVN Affiliates

Affiliates are virus research institutions that are members of the GVN through an existing GVN Center of Excellence.  Affiliates, which are “twinned” with GVN Centers of Excellence, work closely with these appointed Centers to grow their expertise.

If you are interested in joining the GVN Centers of Excellence/Affiliates, please contact Marcus Gallo, Research Analyst, Virus Watch Group & Centers Coordinator, at [email protected].



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