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Fellowships and Grants

Through fellowships and grants, the Global Virus Network identifies and supports promising researchers, engaging them with top virology experts and cutting-edge research initiatives. In addition to the postdoctoral GVN Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program (GPFTP) offered through the GVN Drs. Yang Liu & Pan Zheng Academy, the GVN partners with institutions and industrial partners to nurture junior scientists in pursuing their careers in virology.

Fellowships are typically in the form of financial support for postdocs for one year and include attending GVN meetings and opportunities to train in grantsmanship, identifying research collaborators, networking with industrial partners, and so strengthening Fellows' research programs and publications. As appropriate, trainees in two-year postdoctorate programs may rotate to two designated GVN Centers of Excellence. Preference is given to candidates from low- and middle-income countries who are also from GVN Centers of Excellence or Affiliates and are 0-5 years post-PhD.

Grants through the GVN are for specific projects and often involve projects that benefit the capabilities of the GVN's Centers of Excellence, Affiliates, and industrial partners.

Examples of recent fellowships and grants are below.

If you are interested in partnering with GVN to offer a fellowship or grant, please contact Andrea Ridenour—for interested corporate/industrial partners—or Linman Li for interested academic/institutional partners.

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