AmritaAmrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center
Ponekkara, Kochi, Kerala 682 041

This center mainly runs the clinical virology laboratory that provides a comprehensive range of viral diagnostic services for the detection, monitoring and surveillance of viral infections within the hospital as well as community. This centre has the requisite Biosafety level 2 (BL2) labs and dedicated fully equipped laboratories for molecular virology, cellular biology and immunology. A dedicated BL3 (+) containment laboratory for handling BSL3 level viruses is under construction and will be functional soon.
Specifically, the laboratory services include testing for flaviviruses, enteroviruses, and respiratory viruses, herpesviruses among others. We also monitor the HIV, HBV and HCV viral load in chronic patients. Viral load estimation and monitoring of EBV, CMV viruses are provided for immunocompromised and transplantation patients. As a part of preventive cervical cancer service, high risk HPV screening is also provided at the center.
The center has a well equipped laboratory that carries out different virological diagnostic techniques including virus culture and isolation, direct viral antigen detection using immunofluorescence and virus related serology. Diagnostic services are also well complemented with cutting edge molecular and sequencing technologies.
Furthermore, research is actively pursued at the center, with various groups working on projects focused on understanding aspects of viral pathogenesis, immunology and epidemiology of dengue, Japanese encephalitis virus, chikungunya, HBV and HCV. At the center, we are also continuously striving to develop newer, rapid and novel diagnostics to address the challenges in diagnosis and management of viral infections encountered in our setting.

NairCenter Directors: 
Dr. Prem Nair and Dr.K.N.PanickerPanicker
Affiliated Researchers: Drs.Veena Menon,K.P. Gireeshkumar, Rajesh G, Vidya P. Menon and R. Anupama