Reinhard Kurth Scholarship Fund of the Global Virus Network

The Reinhard Kurth Scholarship Fund provides training opportunities for early- and mid-career scientists and health professionals to gain knowledge and skills in medical virology.  This program is in keeping with Professor Kurth’s passion for building a cadre of broadly skilled medical virologists, ready to address emerging viral threats and to tackle major viral killers.  Professor Kurth, who passed away on February 2, 2014, was one of the world’s leading medical virologists, and he Co-Founded the Global Virus Network.

This Fund will provide opportunities to qualified individuals through GVN programs.

Specific opportunities include:

Short Course on Biology of Viruses:  In July 2014, GVN will launch on a pilot basis an intensive course in medical virology featuring state-of-the-art lectures on key viruses from leaders in the field.  Lectures and site visits will span basic virology, translational and clinical aspects.  Tuition for the 2014 course is $3,000 inclusive of hotel, meals and all materials.  The course will be targeted to an audience of 20 post-doctoral fellows and assistant professors in 2014, with a larger class size expected in 2015.

Short-Term Exchange Programs:  GVN supports two- to three-week visits for emerging leaders from one GVN Center of Excellence to spend time at a second GVN Center of Excellence for skill building, sharing of techniques, and fostering new research collaborations.  In 2013, GVN supported such visits at the $3,000 to $4,000 range, inclusive of travel and host institution stipend.

Long-term training programs at the Master, PhD, and Post-doctoral levels.  In 2014, GVN expects to launch a program to support Masters, PhD and post-doctoral level training at universities affiliated with GVN.  Degrees will be granted by the universities themselves with GVN supporting at least part of tuition and other costs.  For doctoral and post-doctoral programs, GVN will work to support opportunities to expand insights and skill sets by offering 1-3 months’ support at a second university affiliated with GVN.

Trainees supported through this Fund will be acknowledged as having had support from the Reinhard Kurth Scholarship Fund in all communications materials.  For graduate and post-graduate training, Scholars will be called Reinhard Kurth Scholars (Masters, PhD) or Reinhard Kurth Fellows (post-doctoral).

To contribute to the Reinhard Kurth Scholarship Fund,