Training Programs

GVN Centers of Excellence are the premier training ground for the next generation of medical virologists.  Since its inception in 2011, GVN Centers have supported the training of PhD and Masters level students, and supported skill building workshops to broaden expertise across multiple virus families and across geographic borders.

Short Term Exchange Programs (STEP) InGVN supports short term training for future medical virologists at GVN Centers of Excellence. Applicants originate from external organizations to STEP into and tap GVN Centers to further develop and explore medical virology research training.GVN Scholars

  • Degree and Non-Degree Scholar Programs
  • Degree Programs: IVVI
  • Non-Degree Programs: Masters level training —
  • Annica Flemming, Valentina Turri

Post-doctoral training in Medical Virology

GVN anticipates launching a unique post-doctoral training program that will support interdisciplinary medical virology training at two or more GVN Centers of Excellence.  This program will help develop a cadre of medical virologists whose skills are broad-based and relevant in a world in which viruses move across national borders with rapidity.

  • Reinhard Kurth Scholarship Fund of the Global Virus Network