Preparation is a critical defense against future viral pandemics. 

The Global Virus Network’s (GVN) works to provide scientists with grants for new viral research. To ensure that medical virologists are in place to address future, yet unimagined viral challenges, GVN provides training fellowships for tomorrow’s leaders. GVN scientists share ideas and information to avoid duplicative research. And, in outbreak situations, GVN experts stand ready to provide critical insights that will be integral for containment and prevention measures. The implications of this work are critical to protecting humankind from current and future viral threats.

GVN scientists work to unlock the secrets of viral disease in order to develop vaccines and cures. This strong network is also the very defense mechanism needed when new viruses emerge to threaten the global community.

The core of the GVN comprises the scientists who have pledged to work across national boundaries and disciplines in order to push medical virology forward, to train the next generation of virologists and to build virology capacity institutionally.

GVN strengthens this coalition of experts and the field of medical virology broadly through:

  • Semi-annual network meeting where experts share information and ideas and create new forms of collaborations


Collaborations are encouraged by GVN’s semi-annual Meetings. Meetings have been held in:

  • Scandinavia-Baltic-Ukraine Region June 2015
  • Beijing, China, May 2015
  • Scandinavia-Baltic-Ukraine Region June 2014
  • Moscow, Russia, September 2013
  • Munich, Germany, June 2013
  • Baltimore, Maryland, USA, October 2013
  • Naples, Italy, June 2012
  • Dublin, Ireland, October 2011
  • Washington, DC, USA, March 2011

Partnerships with other non-profit agencies working to advance global health and global science

Support for research projects which target opportunities as they arise.

Opportunity Grants

GVN anticipates awarding small grants to support innovative and collaborative research to teams of scientists led by GVN Centers of Excellence and in partnership with outside groups. These awards will be flexible in scope and rapidly reviewed for immediate implementation. These grants will allow GVN to engage rapidly through collaborative and international projects, thereby developing data to inform larger program project activities supported via a range of mechanisms.

Resources on research funding opportunities worldwide.

Assistance in grant-writing for emerging leaders in medical virology.