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Dr. Molewaterplein 50
3015 GE, Rotterdam


The Virology Department of The Erasmus University Medical Center is the national and international centre of excellence for multidisciplinary, basic, translational and clinical research of viruses and virus infections at the molecular, patient and population level.
The unique aspect of the Virology Department is its translational approach, with expertise ranging from basic virology to clinical virology, connecting medical and veterinary health, public health and ecology.
By combining these complementary areas of expertise The Virology Department is able to meet today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges in diseases caused by common and newly emerging viruses.
Our research is divided into three groups:

  • Endemic infections in high risk patients
  • Emerging and re-emerging
  • In between/cross over group: between common and new infections

marionCenter Director: Dr. Marion Koopmans
Affiliated Researchers: Arno Andeweg, Charles Boucher, Rik de Swart, Ron Fouchier, Pieter Fraaij, Rob Gruters, Bart Haagmans, Thijs Kuiken, Byron Martina, Chantal Reusken, Guus Rimmelzwaan, David van de Vijver, Bernadette van den Hoogen, Annemiek van der Eijk, Eric van Gorp, Georges Verjans