Welcome to the Global Virus Network

The Global Virus Network (GVN) is an essential and critical defense against viral disease. It is a coalition comprised of leading virologists spanning more than 20 countries worldwide, all working to advance knowledge about how viruses make us sick and to develop drugs and vaccines to prevent illness and death. No single institution in the world has expertise in all viral areas. GVN brings the best medical virologists together to leverage individual strengths and to focus global teams of scientists on key scientific problems. The power of GVN lies in its global reach, the depth of its science, and its commitment to solving viral challenges facing the human population. No other entity exists like the GVN.

GVN achieves its objectives through three strategic action platforms:

• supporting research
• public education
• advocacy

Declaration of the Members of the Global Virus Network

WE, EXPERTS in medical virology from across the globe, are dedicated to understanding, preventing and controlling viral disease threats to mankind:

WE BELIEVE that viral diseases are among the most serious threats to human health and to the global economy, and that an integrated global approach is essential in order to be prepared for a coordinated rapid response to emerging viruses that threaten mankind. We further believe that there is an urgent need for new programs and resources to coordinate, support and promote research that bridges the disparity between virus surveillance and public health implementation.

WE GATHER in Washington, D.C., on this 3rd day of March, 2011 , for the inaugural meeting of the members of the Global Virus Network (“GVN”) and hereby declare the following:

WE AFFIRM AND RATIFY the vision of the…

WE THE UNDERSIGNED, hereby agree to participate and become a member of the Global Virus Network, to use our professional best efforts to support the GVN’s vision, mission and values, as well as to advance the Goals of the GVN on an ongoing basis.Signed this day March 3, 2011 in Washington, D.C.